Thursday, April 14, 2011

Center For Inquiry (My experience with it)

I recently saw an advertisement about this website entitled, "". Now, you all know me, I'm curious! So, well, curiousity killed the cat, I looked up the website when I got home, and my goodness! The whole message of the website was, "You don't need God to Hope, to Care, to Love, to Live."!! Wow, i know, I was pretty suprised when I saw that! They have a video on their website, (nothing explicit) Anyway, i commented on their Youtube channel, and some random person replied to it, here it is, well, i just said, "How can you brainwash people like this? God has made you to glorify and adore Him! He loves you and you are rejecting Him. How can you think like this?" that is what I said, and another guy replied to me and said, "It seems ViolinCountryGirl94(my youtube username) is yet another Christian that has not done ANY investigation on whether or not her belief system is true or not. She is like most of the rest, just takind what other people tell her is the truth. Its a shame really, to loose yet another worthwhile human to religion. But we can't win them all, but we will continue to try." Well, thats about it, but how sad!


  1. Wow. That's SO sad!!! Who's taking what other people tell him is the truth?! I'd say he's kinda biased!! Good response to that video though, Kaila.

  2. Wow! That's... umm... sad. That was was a really good response! :D